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Morning thunder

A small thunderstorm moved through the area moments ago. At work, I have a good place to watch the storm: story-high windows in three directions looking over the adjoining wetlands.

The wind came first, buffeting the reeds along the edges of the marsh. Animal life was nowhere to be seen until a rogue sparrow came zipping towards the shelter of the building as the first rain began to fall. The open water of the marsh showed the sheets of rain driven by the wind. Lightning flashed high in the clouds, just its brightness to be seen.

On the opposite side of the building a small pond showed the same racing patterns of rain sheets. Also, a small rush of water flowed into the pond at one corner. It seems some of the runoff must be being diverted to a pipe that feeds that pond.

While the storm rushed through, the old oak on one side of the marsh stood implacable. It had seen storms like this before and will see many more. It is not impressed.

As swiftly as it arrived, the main core of the storm moved on. A pair of ducks were the first to return. The rain no bother to them, they landed in the open water of the marsh, frothy wakes quickly dispersing in the rain. Then a brave swallow, perhaps that rogue that was last in, zipped out into the rain to find those first insects to come also out of hiding.

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