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Enjoy the slow

Looks like a slow night at work. fredcritter is converting about 150 pages for me and the other five typesetters to set sometime before 8:30 a.m. but that's about all the work that we are expecting. Our manager said to "enjoy" the lull.

My weekend was quite busy. Hit the Friends School plant sale on Saturday and picked up about $75 worth of prairie flowers. Planned to pick up a pickup-load or two of wood chips to mulch them but by the time I got them planted and picked up my friend's truck, the wood chip place had closed. Oh well, they were open 11-5 Sunday, according to their sign, so no big loss.

Sunday, Ericka and I took her mom out for lunch. Her mom picked Khan's Mongolian Barbecue over any of the suggestions I had for nice places to have a meal. What the heck, it's her day and I like Khan's so I'm not complaining. We ran into two sets of friends of ours and their kids while there, so we weren't the only ones with that idea.

After the meal, I changed and took the truck over the wood chip place. They had no wood chips! They had a big ol' pile of brush that would be turned into wood chips later that week, but no wood chips, no compost, no black dirt. Had a nice chat with the guy in charge and took the truck back to my friend. I still wanted to mulch the plans I got planted on Saturday so I ended up buying some cedar bark mulch from Home Depot. I got the plantings soaked and mulched just in time for a big-ass storm to hit, providing a good drenching along with the requisite lightning and thunder.

I ended up sleeping for a good deal of Sunday night. Watched the Twins drop another game to Oakland but otherwise was just hanging out and relaxing.

Monday morning, I took Ericka over to Fairview Riverside Medical Center to meet with her gynecologist. During her last exam, they took a biopsy of the lining of her uterus. The results came back showing that she has too much of it; she grows extra cells every month. Since she is at high risk for uterine cancers, this extra growth just multiplies her chances of contracting it. So she's having an IUD placed on Friday. The IUD will release progesterone and will irritate her uterine lining, preventing it from building up the extra cells. While the FDA doesn't say so, her doctor has shown good results for this preventing the kind of cancer that Ericka is at risk for.

Of course, it is a type of surgery so there are risks. We got to hear all about how Ericka could die, could get an infection, etc., etc. but we both like her doctor and think she's one of the best to do the procedure. I'm pretty confident that things will turn out just fine. Ericka, as is her wont, is having anxiety dreams about surgery but doesn't rationally think there will be any problem.

And so I'm all caught up with current events!

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