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The printer churns again

Printing out some 250+ pages of exhibits to someone's Registration Statement. So I've got a few minutes to post some thoughts.

Most telling thing seen lately: Rummy in a Daily Show clip explaining that he wasn't going to answer "the torture question" because he understood that those responsible were being charged with abuse, not torture. Very convenient that the U.S. didn't join the International Criminal Court so that U.S. service personnel cannot be tried by it for war crimes. Grr.

In unrelated news, I'm planning on hitting a plant sale for some forbs for the prairie gardens tomorrow. It looks like I'll be able to get some decently-sized specimens for cheaper than at Landscape Alternatives. This'll spruce up the gardens, as they are currently kinda bare with only little sprigs of grass showing through the dirt. Also hope to hook up with my friend Don whose wife is out of town to borrow his pickup and/or him to haul some wood chips over from one of the city sites to add to my mulch.

Then I'll give my friend doccross's suggestion a try and spray my multitude of dandelions with vinegar as the first portion of Operation Dandelion Elimination.

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