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Finally a breather

We have been swamped at work all week. I'd show up and things would look reasonable, maybe a few jobs on the board, nothing too terrible. Then slowly over the course of the night, more and more work would come in . Normally, this isn't a problem as things come in with due times that are later and later. Not this week. More work, same due times.

Overall, it's not bad while you're in the middle of it. There's always something to do and the nights fly along while you're busy. Every night this week, though, I've stayed late and/or showed up early. I'm tired. Beat down, physical tired.

So tonight, I let me lead know that I would not be staying late. One night this week, I'm going to get home on time and, hopefully, get to sleep quickly.

Then the weekend and all of its activity starts up. Appointment to get the car worked on. Ericka's mom coming into town. Taking Ericka to go shopping with her mom. Ericka's mom being in town (something that makes one tired just watching her zoom around). Planning a Mother's Day thing for next week.

Tonight, though, things are running at a more reasonable level. We get little flurries of work, but most of the due times are Monday. No deadline pressures so far and time to update things here and cruise through the week's worth of friend's postings.

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