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Now It Can Be Told

By now, minnehaha K is asleep. (Her daughter is getting married Saturday, so I hope she's sleeping.)

If you're a friend of minnehaha, you've probably seen some postings of late regarding daffodils along with the usual natter about the approaching nuptials. I'm here to tell you the full story.

It started last year. I was invited to K's birthday party. It was a pleasant gathering, as parties at their place always are. The highlight of this party, however, was the daffodils. K had filled the house with daffodils. It was positively bursting with them. No surface was without a flower or three. It was a wonderfully springy feeling. When asked why, K told us, "because I like daffodils."

Later that fall, I was planting my prairie garden and both halves of minnehaha came over to help. Ericka wanted to have some spring color in the various garden patches along with the long-term goal of building the prairie. Serendipitously, Home Depot was having a sale on bulbs. So I picked up a package of 30 daffodils. After we put in all the prairie grasses, minnehaha oversaw the planting of the daffodils while I prepped soup for the willing workers.

When the daffodils came up this Spring, I couldn't wait for them to bloom and thank minnehaha for the help in planting them. I wanted to bring some over for her birthday party this year, but they weren't in bloom by then and I ended up missing the party for other reasons.

So when I started seeing K's posts counting down the days to her daughter's wedding, I knew the time had come. The daffodils were blooming. K was bound to grow more stressed over the various wedding preparations as the day approached. A little token of joy would be just the thing.

So after Minicon, I went shopping with my friend Ctein. We stopped in a Pier 1 because there was a line of furniture they carry that I wanted to check out. While poking around the shop, I discovered they were having a sale on all their glass vases. Serendipity again! So I purchased five bud vases, figuring that I would drop off one daffodil for minnehaha each day over the next week as preparations for the wedding came to a head. I was hoping for clear glass, but all they had was blue glass. I knew that would throw suspicion on 90_percent_sure, K's sister, who collects blue glass, but that couldn't' be helped.

So every morning for the last week, I've driven over to the home of minnehaha and left a daffodil on their front step, next to the morning paper. Lucky for me they are late sleepers. The last one will get dropped off Friday morning after I get off work.

At first, I wasn't sure things were going over as planned. Then K started posting her thanks to her LJ and I knew I was on the right tack. Throwing a little delightful confusion into their lives and giving them a little snippet of joy each day has made me smile.

(Plus, sneaking up and leaving a flower on someone's doorstep has made me feel alternately like a kid on May Day and a secret agent. Fun, fun, fun.)

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