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Waiting for NY

We split off a chunk of a particularly ugly job and had our New York office help us with coding the files. We're done with our chunk but I have to wait for NY to finish their files to get the whole thing through quality check. Getting started on our chunk, anyway, as theirs is at the end of the document. Looking at what they've got finished, it'll be some work to make the files match for style. (Did they not notice that the pages have folios?)

So, I've got some time to kill and events of the day to plan.

Raining today so I'll likely get nothing done outside. Still have to put together my second compost bin and the various prairie plantings are in need of weeding. Still haven't built my "brush box." Also want to get a staging area of composting materials set up (which may involve moving some hostas). None of that going to happen with it raining this morning. Maybe I'll get the compost bin put together if it's not raining too hard. I've got a bin full of kitchen scraps that need to go out.

Need to get my bills paid. Figured out that I get another paycheck before the mortgage is due, so that'll make things easier. Also have a couple of checks from the folks that pay me to take care of Ericka sitting 'round that could be deposited. That's also a bit of a help.

Listened to the Twins beat the Tigers last night. Weird not watching the games on TV; totally different experience. The announcers often get excited at things that don't concern me when I'm watching. Routine deep flys, for example.

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