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Six hours of overtime = one day of sleep

So the funny/not so funny job of yesterday went on and on and on. A lot of it was waiting around for the customer service person to parse the client's instructions into things that I could do. A lot of it was waiting around for out systems to do the tricks they needed to do once I put them in motion. A lot of it was double-checking what I was doing because I was running low on wakeful moments and didn't want to screw stuff up too badly.

So I spent six, nearly seven extra hours at work yesterday. That meant that I didn't do much other than sleep today. Didn't get the second compost bin built, didn't get my brush box built, didn't get to MN-Stf or to my friend's birthday party.

Oh, well. My friend Ctein and I have plans to hang out tomorrow. We'll go to the mall, shop, have dinner, talk about relationships ... you know boy stuff. Maybe even sneak in a movie while we're out. Should be fun.

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