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Do the hustle....

The job I'm working on currently is hilarious. I'm working on cycle 7G. Yesterday, they got up to 6S. We usually do just numbers. Letters are used with minor changes are made. Today's "minor" changes are all about re-ordering documents for this submission. Thus, the hilarity. I demonstrate:

Exhibit 10.37 is to become Exhibit 10.30.

Oh, wait, we already have a 10.30.

That's OK. 10.30 becomes 10.23.

Oops. We have a 10.23.

That's OK. 10.23 becomes 10.48.

You guessed it.

No problem, 10.48 becomes 10.41.

Uhh. Hold on. Says here that 99.2 becomes 10.41.

And so on.

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