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Exercise in chaos

After I get off work this morning, I have to run over to the offices of the Metropolitan Center for Independent Living. This is the organization that hires helpers for Ericka. We figured out a while ago that since I end up being the emergency on-call helper, it would make sense for me to be on the payroll.

Well, they have all kinds of things they want "everyone" to do that really don't apply to me because the only person I work with is Ericka. The first thing we ran into was TB tests. If I had TB we'd have figured that out long before the company came along with a test. We successfully dodged that one. The latest thing is picture IDs. This makes sense if a new helper is going to help someone out or if an emergency crew is called in for any reason. As we found out on Monday, however, living with Ericka trumps having a photo ID; the emergency personnel that responded to Ericka's little adventure had no problem with being told that I had Ericka's health care Power of Attorney.

But, rules are rules, it seems. If I don't go get my photo taken, they'll hold my pay checks until I do. Oh well, at least now I'll have a photo ID that actually matches my current appearance.

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