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Approaching Minicon

I always know when Minicon is approaching: my friend Ctein shows up at our house. He did this late last night, arriving sometime after I go to work, which is quite late. I saw him when I returned in the morning for a brief period before I went to sleep.

I arranged for him to take the master of the pocket program book over to the convention if he should head over there before I awoke. It worked out like that and I hope that things got into the correct hands.

I'll be missing the parties on Thursday and Friday nights as I have to work. Saturday and Sunday nights, however, will be fun, fun, fun. I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and maybe even making a few new ones!

From laying out the pocket program I know that there's quite a bit of programming going on. Even I, as a person that rarely attends programming at conventions, am intrigued by several of the offerings. We'll see how it goes. (Best of luck to dreamshark!)

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