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A weekend and plans

Had a lovely, social weekend. Good parties, good music, good friends. Was particularly nice to have a "but it's only lunchtime" cohort in fredcritter on Saturday. I think we need to find more third-shift jobs for our musician friends.

When I awoke this afternoon, I took hedge trimmers and branch loppers in hand and attacked the yard. Specifically, the overgrown evergreen on the corner of my house is now back into some from of shape; all of the bushy deciduous plant along the front of my house has been hacked down to a manageable levels while the raspberry and other vines among its branches have been decimated; the cedar shrub in the middle of the south side of my house has had winter die-back trimmed from it. All of that means that I have a lot of brush to get rid of.

My first thought was, of course, to burn it. This, however, is not allowed in the City of Minneapolis, the nice fire department told me.

Minneapolis does collect brush in its year-long yard waste collection along with the trash. There are kinda specific rules, though. The stuff cannot include anything over 3 inches in diameter. The bundle cannot be longer than three feet (I'm assuming that's in any direction, so you can't have a three-foot-long bundle that's four feet in diameter). It cannot weigh over 40 pounds.

So I've devised what I'm going to call my "brush box" (once I get it built). I'll start with one four by eight sheet of plywood. I'll see if I can get the lumber yard to cut it for me (I having a distinct lack of the proper power tool) into four pieces. This will involve one cut lengthwise and one cut crosswise to make two pieces that are three by two feet and two pieces that are two feet square. The square pieces will form the ends of the box, the longer pieces the sides. The inside will be braced with two-by-four (or smaller) lumber to stiffen it up and support it. The inside frame will run all round the bottom of the box as well as up all four corners. Mid-way along each side, there will be two more uprights supporting horizontal members that run run along the long sides back to the corners leaving a gap of a couple of inches in the middle of the box. I'll cut a slit down that gap.

To use this device, I'll lay a length of twine in the slit, fill the box with brush and then pull the twine up to secure the bundle for hauling to the alley. I don't expect it'll take more than an hour to build the box and it should last me for several seasons worth of trimming branches and brush. When I get home, I may attempt a crude drawing to illuminate my description above. (I'm already thinking of making a bracket for my loppers on one end of the box so I can trim stuff to the correct size as I load the box.)

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