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Let down

Tonight was the outing to Buca di beppo's with the crew from our India team. They are heading back to their homeland on Saturday. (Probably just in time to see minnehahaB off, I imagine.) The most interesting things about the meal were that I learned that the name of the restaurant means "Joe's Basement" and I discovered that I like anchovies on my caesar salad.

The secret plan for after dinner was to take some of the guys off to a strip club. They chickend out, however, pleading that they had a lot of packing to do before leaving but also admitting that they were a bit afraid. I assured them there was nothing to be frightened of but also didn't want to push them into a new experience they didn't want to partake in. So we drove back to the hotel they are staying in for their last few days.

Then I got to go to work. I brought the left-overs in to share but was plenty full myself.

Work's been steady but we appear to be overwhelming our proofreaders. Lots of stuff in proofreading and we're left with things that are due later Friday night to work on.

Ah, well, probably means it'll be a slow night tomorrow.

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