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Back to normal

The filing deadline for 10-Ks was today. This means that things are now going to be back to normal 'round here.

I thought I'd posted a recap of my birthday activities, but it appears to have not showed up. Suffice to say that I had a lovely day. Food, sleep, music, dancing, more sleep, more food. And presents! Yay!

I developed a headache late this afternoon that I attribute to work stress finally being given expression. Since the long hours are over my body "let go" of the stress and it manifested as tightness in my neck and shoulders and the headache with a bit of nausea floating around the edges. A bit of generic Aleve and a good lie-down later, though, and I felt much better. Had a good nap right before coming in to work.

While it's been sunny and lovely for at least patches the last few days, it's been chilly as well. It keeps looking enough like 60 degrees to tempt me outside only to discover that its more like 40-something. Soon, I'll be out amongst the stirring plants.

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