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Poor puppy

My dog, Brandy, is at the emergency vet overnight. It looks like she's doing well and will be coming home tomorrow. I try to be delicate about it but if you don't want to read about canine health problems don't follow the cut tag.

Ericka called while I was at work last night to let me know that our dog was wanting to go outside for the third time since I'd left. I'd let her out before I left and she normally sleeps through the night. Ericka has great difficulty letting her in and out and was worried she wouldn't be able to do this again.

Of course, it had gotten busy at work just then so I couldn't leave. I did take off at my "regular" time of 7 am instead of staying for the full 10 hours until 8 am.

When I got home things were a mess. The poor pup had been, well, having it coming out of both ends. I got things cleaned up, cleaned her up and was in the process of brushing her out when she had to go outside again. I observed her having diarrhea that was bright red, a sure sign that we were off to the emergency vet.

Got her into the car and off to the vet. By the time we were there, she was quite exhausted and obviously dehydrated. They examined her and didn't find anything immediately worrisome. So she was checked in to receive IV fluids and be observed by the kind people there. She would receive some blood work and an x-ray to rule out any big problems.

The good news is that she's doing fine. Ericka is a bit upset that she's not home and misses her terribly. I'm disappointed that I could not make it to a friend's birthday party. There will be other birthdays, however (like mine next week!) and other parties. Heck, there will probably be other trips to the vet as well, let's hope not for a while.

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