Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

I love surprises

So I didn't actually get out to listen to Irish music this evening. It seemed the better part of valor to stay home with my main sweetie and the pets that missed me terribly over the weekend. (The elder cat has filed a detailed memorandum of protest with Amnesty International, we fear.)

But rather than miss out on that Celtic inspiration altogether, I threw my CDs by The Tim Malloys into the iMac (Grape, as purple is Ericka's favorite color) and fired up the new iTunes program from Apple. It seemed at first glance a fairly standard tune player. Then I saw this button at the bottom:

Without a label, I was a bit mystified. So I clicked it and the display of song titles (automatically looked up over the 'net, spiff) was replaced by a psychedelic display of lines and colors that moved with the music. Further toying around got the display to go into full screen mode. Lines pulsed to the strum of guitar and rasp of Adam's voice. The images shifted and flowed, overlapping and enhancing the next.

It reminded me of the light shows that local fan Richard Tatge used to do for many performances (and still does, as far as I know). So, if you've got a Mac, go have a look. I hope you're a pleased as I am. (And now I have a perfect thing to toss into the mix for my next party....)
Tags: mac, music

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