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The further adventures of Delagate-lad

I attended my precinct caucus this evening. I think the attendance was relatively high for such a thing but don't know for sure because it was the first one I've attended. I do know that they had three sign-in forms and that all three were completely filled in and additional people signed in on plain paper and that they ran out of pre-printed ballots for everyone that signed in so that some folks voted by writing their candidate's name on a slip of paper and signing the back.

My State Representative, Phyllis Khan, stopped by, which was a treat. She was apparently visiting all the caucus sites within her district, which is cool.

We voted on a handful of resolutions, none of which struck me as particularly earth-shattering. The one that seemed as if it would move forward was a resolution opposing the so-called Taxpayer's Bill of Rights, which would place an arbitrary limit on how much spending for any State program could be increased in a given year. This has been a disaster in other places where it has passed and the resolution opposing it passed unanimously in our precinct.

We are a fairly progressive precinct (witness our continued support for Phyllis Khan, one of the wackiest legislators out there). This was further demonstrated in our votes for Presidential candidates. Of the 64 eligible voters at the caucus, 61 turned in ballots and there was a 21-21 tie in votes for John Kerry and Dennis Kucinich, with John Edwards coming in second.

I was one of 13 people who volunteered to be a delegate to the Senate District convention that will be held this upcoming Saturday. Since our precinct can send 14 delegates, I'm in!

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