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Ending one weekend, anticipating the next

I was a hit over Valentine's day. Presents were well received (though I still have one to pick up).

Part of Ericka's Valentine's present from her family was a visit from her favorite niece. Nikki is a 12 (almost 13!) year old with a lot of energy, a quick mind and a lack of attention. She and Ericka have frequent phone chats and so the prospect of her spending the weekend was exciting for both of them.

We hosted her and her brother for a few hours on Saturday night then the little brother was picked up by his folks (much to the approval of both kids). Nikki and Ericka spent the rest of the weekend nearly inseparable. Even when Ericka would get tired out and need a nap, Nikki would happily work on a little project while sitting on the floor next to Ericka's bed.

I helped out a little by working on Nikki's math homework with her on Sunday. And we chatted a bit about my gardening plans on Saturday. I also acted as the "you girls should get to bed" voice of reason. And I made pancakes Monday morning; for which I rock.

This forthcoming weekend is the male bonding ritual of board games, booze and good food up at my buddy Bob's cabin. Always a good time. I'm planning on making up a batch of pancake mix to add to one morning's breakfast and I've got a bottle of scotch for the collection of liquors. I'm semi-tempted to go shopping for a new DVD to add to the collection of war movies and other guy types of entertainment that run during all waking hours.

In any case, a nice little chunk of time off will be good. I just hope that I'm not sleeping the whole time!

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