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Sooo Sleepy

After a less-than-average amount of sleep today and a very filling dinner with minnehaha, daedala, lsanderson, eqe, fmsv and Laura, I've been between tired and slipping into a digestive coma all night. Just finished breaking up a job and planning out how it will be coded. Got my second wind just in time to head home! Whee!

I'm off to Byerly's this morning to get part of Valentine's gifts. And then Borders tonight for the second part. Was amused to note that the place that normally has two dozen roses for $5 near my place now has their placard by the road-side reading $20 for one dozen.

Also heard one of the most amusing things ever on the radio during the adventure of trying to find the restaurant for dinner. Some magazine or other apparently got a gerontologist to estimate the year of death for your favorite rocks stars based on lifestyle choices, etc. Ozzy Osbourne has, according to this guy, about nine years left. Courtney Love will live to 62. Keith Richards? He should have died in 1995.

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