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How'd it get so slow?

After a very busy last week and being out two days this week it seems particularly odd that work is slow tonight. Most everything on our schedule up to Tuesday is either complete or in proofreading. This'll make for a slow night.

Ericka did some major clearing things today. Our mantle is no longer over-run with knick-knacks and plants; now just a couple of plants and a couple of candles. She also cleared out a bunch of stuff from her closet, sending clothes on to better homes. Tired herself out with all that activity today so hopefully she'll sleep well.

Got a call from my buddy, Bob, today. Wanted to make sure I was on board for the big trip to his cabin later this month. I am. I have the time off work. I'm stoked for a long weekend of games, guys, war movies and good food. This trip is always rejuvenating and it'll come right after what should be a busy time at work. (So even it it isn't actually busy for me, the stress level around here will be higher as either we'll be busy or be worried because we should be.)

Can't hardly wait.

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