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Interesting dream

Just woke from a post-dinner nap. I'd read earlier that mnstf Floundering Father, Jim Young has a story in the March issue of Fantasy and Science Fiction magazine. That must have stirred something up in my unconscious mind.

In my dream, I'm wandering around an SF con. There appears to be a bit of a comics theme as many people are in costume. I remember a good Swamp Thing costume and some X-Men costumes. I am, oddly, wearing something of a costume. It's an appliance that fits under my shirt and if I "flex my muscles" they glow with an eerie purple.

I'm hosting a party room. There are party favors left by either previous occupants or folks who came to hang out at the party before I started hosting it. They are little badges that say "Legionnaire" and are tied to some comic or game (or both). If you pick one up and don't have a corresponding pin or something to prove you are a member of the Legion, they start to ping after a short period of time. After 10 pings, they glow and get hot enough that you wouldn't want to hold them. I'm guessing the Legion is of "the Dead."

After a while I wander into other rooms of the party. We seem to have a suite of rooms around a corner with two doors going into a hallway/foyer. In one of the rooms a bunch of people are sitting around, reading, talking quietly and such. One one corner of a bed, the aforementioned Jim Young and dreamshark are playing a game. I initially looks like backgammon to me but turns out to be a bizarre thing called "Tunnels" that seems to be a cross-breed between backgammon and chutes and ladders. Certain spots on the extended backgammon-like board (about twice as long as usual) allow or force one's stones to bypass the adjacent spots and move to others indicated by color. Also, some spots cannot be moved off of unless moving to a spot of that color, requiring a specific roll of the dice. Weird.

In any case, I congratulated Jim on his story in F&SF and hung out quietly for a bit. I started musing about the idea of hosting MN-Stf reading rooms at conventions. Kind of a fan lounge, but not fanzine-oriented. A place for quiet reading or conversation, to relax from the hubbub of a convention and actually meet some people (as opposed to encountering them). As I drifted off to sleep in my dream I awoke into this reality and wanted to jot it all down.

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