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Busy night at work. Having a short break and taking the opportunity to update here.

My interview at Hennepin County went well this morning. I arrived on time and the head of the department was late. They laughed at my funny bits and liked that I gave very complete answers to their questions. They are finished interviews and making a decision by the end of the week. That's a refreshing change from the last couple of interviews I've been on where I'm still waiting to hear what's happening.

Received the catalog from Prairie Nurser in the mail today. So now I'm looking forward to Spring and the chance to add some wildflowers to the grasses I planted in the Fall. I'm considering planting an annual rye grass to provide competition for weeds, thus letting the prairie grasses and wildflowers have a better chance of getting established. I've got months to mull this over, however, so no need to make a decision now.

While looking over Mars mission information yesterday, I google-stumbled over the information that moon dust is comprised of something like 45% oxygen. Further investigation turned up this site: which explains how one could relatively simply turn moon dust into water and, thus, into oxygen. My comment is, "Why am I not living on the moon?" Sure, there are technical and economic hurdles but we've got some smart people on this planet, dammit. Get it figured out. I want my lunar vacation home now!

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