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Periodic update

Nothing earth-shattering to report.

Lost money at poker over the weekend. An unlucky break at the mini-tourney we held had me turned out early of that and the regular evening's poker was just a slow up and down that ended down. I need to pay more attention to the people playing; a couple of times I connected things after hands were finished that would have saved me some money.

Sunday I felt like I was coming down with a cold or something. Sore throat that might have been atributable to dryness. Some C and echinacea drops soothed and staved off any additional misery.

Sunday night and Monday brought the Big Sifter of the Sky. A steady light snow, like powdered sugar being sifted over us, fell all day. I was shoveled out by our guy in the middle of day and will have to do some shoveling in the morning when I get home so Ericka can get to her appointment in the morning.

Monday morning was also the bright spot of a phone call from a job I applied to at the end of December. Seems they have some additional openings for their "Information Architect" position. I remember this position as being the one where, from the description, it sounded like they really got it when it came to developing web pages.

Tuesday morning, after I get off work and shovel Ericka out, I have a job interview with Hennepin County for a Web Content System Admin job. Got the job description from their administrator today. I had the "a ha!" moment of recognizing that this is the Vignette position I applied for a while back. I used Vignette when I was at ADC and even went to the training put on by them. I'm a version behind, however, so I hope that things go well.

Still no word back from Ceridian and no further information from FindLaw. Got my weekly update of jobs from in my mail tonight, so I'll have more of a look since we're kinda slow.

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