Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

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Back in the swing

After another night of now work, we have a decent amount of stuff to do tonight. I've got a small training class to attend at 01:00 and there are a few jobs to do. Nothing overwhelming, but it's good to have something to do.

It's the Chinese year of the monkey. Google's doodle was cute. I missed the "Spirit on Mars" one, January 15, which you can see at their page about their doodles. (The Chinese New Year one wasn't up yet when I looked.) I'm intrigued to go off and find out more about my Chinese sign (which I know is the sheep/goat).

Hmm. It seems my lucky element is Earth. Activities that will increase this include wearing brown, choosing a bedroom in the center of the house, having a name associated with earth (Peter=rock) and activities like gardening, camping, meditation and poker.

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