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Peter Hentges

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Out of synch

Now that work is blocking LiveJournal, I find it more difficult to stay in the habit of daily writing. I had a routine going there that's been upset and has thrown me all for a loop. So I'll have to find a different routine. Separating the writing from work will probably be good in the long run, it's just weird now. I find myself sleeping oddly, as if there's still bits for my brain to do. We'll get back into the swing, my brain and I, before long, I'm sure.

Called the manager from my last interview earlier today and left a thank-you and "how are things going" message. Haven't heard back, but I still have good feelings about that interview.

Still no word from Ceridian. They get an email after I'm finished with this post. No new listings that fit me this week. Time to dig a little deeper in my searches.

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