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Back to work

Had the first two days of this week off. Using up accrued vacation before the end of the month, per management mandate. The original plan was to tackle the dejunking of the kitchen during this time, but the job interview yesterday kinda threw that for a loop. I can still dejunk on the weekend, though, so it's not a big loss.

The interview with Hennipen County has been moved from Friday to January 27 (most likely, awaiting confirmation) because one of the interviewers couldn't make the Friday time. Drat, I'd rather have gotten that out of the way. Did send off a query to Ceridian about that position but have not sent off thank yous to FindLaw (bad me). I'll get the latter sent off tomorrow morning before I hit the sack.

Keeping an eye on the usual places for more openings. Finding a few here and there and sending off my resume when I do. Hopefully more interviews will turn up and, eventually, a better job.

Got to work to the pleasant view of fredcritter sitting a couple of desks away. Nothing for me to work on just yet, but Fred was busy doing conversions stuff which means I'll be busy in a little while.

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