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What a difference a day makes

So rainy yesterday had me grumpy and lethargic in the morning. Sunny Sunday morning had me up long before I had a right to and energetic to the point of annoyance. I have no idea why I would be so perky this morning. Maybe the good nap yesterday and the bright sunshine this morning had something to do with it.

I remember going to bed at about 1:00 a.m. telling one of the cats that I would sleep and sleep and sleep. Well, 7:00 a.m. rolls around and I'm awake and petting same cat, trying to come up with excuses to stay in bed and failing.

Part of being awake was a scary dream. One of those dreams I remember every now and then that comes this close to being lucid. I dreamt I was in the house we rented before we moved to my current address. I was going about my morning routine and wandered down the twisty stairs and through the kitchen to the dining room and living room. The strange thing was that the stuff in my current living room and bedroom was in these rooms, as if my current home's contents had been moved one block west.

I marveled for a while at the big picture windows in the front of the house and their broken state. I went back upstairs, feeling a bit groggy. Then the lucidity kicked in. I remembered that while my stuff appeared to have been there at one time, it now looked like it wasn't. I ran back downstairs and, sure enough, all the spiffy toys had been stolen. TV, DVD player, Tivo, iMac, the works. I hit huge anxiety about the iMac missing; what goodies were stored there that I'd not be able to get back, what mischief could someone get into impersonating me on line.

I woke up about then, but the anxiety quickly dissipated to be replaced by the cheerful mood that dominated my morning. After getting breakfast made, I headed out to the local card room to play poker for the morning. They have a small tournament Sunday mornings and the live games that follow are generally pretty good. I ended up staying down there until about 4:00 this afternoon and ended up ahead nearly $200 on the day.

After returning home, I checked in with the friend that had Tivo'd last week's episode of Witchblade for me. Her set-up was wacky and she was having trouble copying to VCR from her Tivo. Once I looked it over, I could see why she was troubled; everything looked like it was hooked up so it would work. Yet it demonstratedly did not. After about 15 minutes of poking about, we finally got it working and she got to watch more than the first five minutes of the program as we taped it. (She was getting pretty tired of the opening of the program after her attempts and mine over the course of the week.)

So while yesterday was kind of a hermit day, today was quite gregarious in comparison. All in all, though, still a good weekend as so many have been for me lately. I'm definitely going to have to have a party soon to give some back to the universe. Replenish the supply, as it were.

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