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The New Reed-mond commute

Early in gerisullivan's house-cooling party last night, she asked me if I'd be willing to take Reed Waller home after the party. She pointed out that this would mean driving to New Richmond. I admitted to how this was possible and that, as she suggested, it would likely be enjoyable. Geri made sure Reed and I hooked up and then also asked if I had a place Reed could crash when the party was done. I, in fact, have a nice space for such things that is specifically intended for things like that, especially for cool people like Reed.

So I got Reed home and let him sleep until 8:00 p.m. Sunday. Then I fed him pancakes (which Ericka and I had for brunch at 4:00 or so). We set off to get him home about 9:00 p.m. Everyone seemed to think that this would be a bit of a burden for me, that the drive would be kind of a drag.

It was no such thing. It's 90 miles one way. A person could do that in a little under an hour if they were so inclined. I'm currently doing my part to fight terrorism by driving the speed limit so it took about 90 minutes (including a stop for gas). That's quite an easy drive, all things considered. (My parents live 300 miles away and I'll make that drive for weekend visit, when I'm so inclined.)

So the next time we want a Reed 'round these parts for something cool, people should let me know ahead of time. Setting aside a few hours to zip down and pick him up would be easy and enjoyable (assuming I have said time and like that).

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