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Cooling down the house

It was a lovely party at Toad Hall this evening people from years and years of parties stopped by, if ever so briefly (I'm looking at you Erik neé Baker), and much revelry was had. Music started about 9-ish thanks to lollardfish, who was recently back from Venice. The delight of many during the course of the evening was that Reed Waller was in attendance. Was quite a treat to hear him play and also to be regaled with the full story of the Mystery Fan Fund and That Incident with Reed's old guitar. I remember that being my second Minicon or so and being so very flabbergasted at the time. Great memories and great to bring them back up among so many good friends. Also great to hear Reed, fredcritter and markiv1111 playing together for the first time in years.

Things went until the wee hours of the morning (I having just arrived home safely with Mr. Waller whom I will be taking home tomorrow) and the party died a natural death. When I left, minnehaha K was crashed on the couch, Jack was in bed and gerisullivan was soon to be headed there. mgs was right behind us as we left, and the few remaining party goers were swiftly finding their way home.

The late-night silliness was accented by Minneapolis' finest pulling over someone with whom they were very upset right in front of Toad Hall. There were five police cars and several officers, at least one of which was toting a shotgun, who had decided that the occupants of a late-model white sedan were not to their liking. Said occupants (appearing to be white males in their 20s), were handcuffed and placed in the squad cars while pretty much everything, and I mean everything, was taken out of their car. I saw a gas can and jumper cables on the pavement and the cops were going through things with flashlights like they had a purpose.

Fortunately, I was parked on 35th and did not have to run the gauntlet of parked police cars. Before long here, I will be waking up Ericka to have her take her medication and will be going off to sleep. Hopefully, gerisullivan will sober up enough to send Realtor Bob's email address off to us all so that we can pass along our "true" party reports about things like how we decided to re-shingle the house (but didn't get exactly finished) or how the flooding from the bathtub should subside before the actual closing takes place. Not to mention that the residue of the going-away fireworks display is sure to come off with industrial cleaners and we don't think any permanent damage from the fire was done.

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