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A long evening

While last night was slow as far as work went, tonight is even worse. When last I checked the schedule of jobs, it had two on it. One was due Monday afternoon and on hold for some guy on vacation. The other was due Tuesday afternoon and was on the job board for the other part of our group. I could work on edits of the latter, but haven't been trained in the proper procedures for doing first-pass coding on it. (I'd muddle through, but why make the effort if there are properly-trained people who are also looking for stuff to do?) The Tuesday job has since left the board, meaning all the work on it is done for now and it awaits proofreading. At least the proofreaders appear to have something to do. Us typesetter sit around poking at the Internet.

I'm glad I brought my laptop along tonight. I have the iTunes cranking along on my "Rowdy" mix (it makes the time go quickly) and am poking at my various games (mostly solitaire).

Tomorrow, I'm looking forward to gerisullivan's house cooling party. Sometime before that I'm supposed to help daedala transport some bookshelves from Toad Hall down to her place. Also want to get out and see RotK tomorrow, but we'll see how that goes. Hopefully, I'll see it in the theater sometime before the extended edition comes out on DVD next year. ;)

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