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Got out and got Ericka off to see "Wild Swans," the current production at the In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater, Sunday afternoon. Hooked up with minnehaha and pegkerr and enjoyed the production. I particularly like the fuzzy wolf puppets and the bit with the cow. I can see where the kids from the class minnehaha K is volunteering at might not quite "get" all of the play, but I liked the overall production. Was a bit annoyed at the old man who sat behind us and had difficulty adjusting his hearing aid, resulting in an ear-piercing squeal through much of the first act. Then I figured, hey, he's getting feedback because he's trying to, you know, hear what's going on. He doesn't mean any harm and (as we learned during intermission from his embarrassed son) can't hear the high pitch. Besides, he paid his money, he gets to see the show. So I chilled. During the second act he turned his aids off as they weren't helping him; pity. I remember going to the Guthrie and them offering little radios for those who were hard of hearing that broadcast the dialog and allowed amplification into headphones. Ericka and I figured HOBT couldn't afford such things but that acquiring such would make a good subject for a grant proposal.

Ericka and got home, made some dinner and wrapped up some presents. She was getting together gifts for her friends at the pool. I'm taking her to pool therapy in the morning and likely will be the uncomfortable center of attention as her friends will want to meet this wonderful partner she's told them so much about. I'll make it through somehow, I'm sure.

Applied for a couple of jobs overnight. One is an Information Architect position with a creative firm that, from their description of the position, sounds like they understand what it takes to make a successful web site. I'd be very interested in getting interviewed for that position. The other is for an E-commerce Manager. While probably a decent job and one that I could handle, I'm not sure I have the experience they're looking for. Still, it'd be good to hear back from them too.

As for the job I interviewed for on the 10th, I haven't heard anything back from them. I plan on giving them a call when I get back from the pool with Ericka to see where they are at with their selection process. I don't seriously expect them to make a decision before the end of the year, but it would be nice to know if I'm still in the running or if I'm up for a second interview.

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