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About what I expected

This evening's work is of a level more like what I expected. No huge flurry of work. Everything left to do is due Monday at the earliest. And only one screen and a bit of that. So the weekend crew will have stuff to do, but nothing too pressing from the looks of it. Hard to tell what will come in over the weekend, though.

My shoulder is feeling a bit better today but will still like tender care tomorrow.

The theater close to me appears to have RotK showing about every hour on the hour from 10:00 a.m to midnight (a few gaps in there) so there's a good chance that I'll get out to see it sometime tomorrow afternoon. Don't want to try the evening shows, though I certainly wouldn't mind paying full price.

Sunday is the trip to the Heart of the Beast Puppet Theater. That'll be cool.

Monday morning I'm planning on taking Ericka to her pool therapy for the first time. She's been not going for a while but her lymphedema therapists thought it would be good for her to get back to it. I agree, as she very much liked the exercise and socialization. Since I don't have to work Sunday night, I'll sleep a bit and be able to take her to the pool Monday morning. Then I've got an errand and will have to get back home to get some sleep so I can get into work on Monday night. Question is: will I be able to fit a second viewing of RotK in there? ;)

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