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A Queer Evening

Ericka and spent the evening watching the latest episodes of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (their holiday party and music video episodes). Was cute to see the straight guys still doing pretty well with their queerification (or whatever one calls it).

Work has been (queerly) busy this evening. Something around to do all night. We've caught up pretty well now and the only things to do aren't due until later this afternoon. So first and second shift will have a whack at them.

This afternoon I pick up daedala from her spiffy new work and hop on over to the UPS distribution station. I have some packages to ship for the holidays and my dead TiVo to return so it'll be quite convenient to ferry daedala over that-a-way.

I need to get out and see ROTK. Maybe a Saturday matinee? Sunday is HOBT with minnehaha (and pegkerr?) so that won't work and Ericka wants to go to the pool on Monday so that's probably right out. Yeah, looks like a busy weekend approaching.

To make matters worse, I've developed a hitch in my right shoulder that's causing me some discomfort. Could use a good massage but my friendly neighborhood massage therapist has a cold so no help there. See what I can do with it when I get home this morning.

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