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A long weekend

Not much to show for my long weekend. Stuff to send off to charities still sits outside my garage where it is now festooned with a dusting of snow. Thankfully, it's all be in my garage for years and so it shouldn't be unduly harmed by the snow or cold. There'll be some damage to the boxes it sits in, but that shouldn't be too bad as there are always more boxes to put stuff in.

Ericka's helper for Monday called in sick. I ended up staying up all day and so didn't go into work. Picked up pizza and movies (finally getting to see Pirates of the Caribbean) instead, which made for a nice night with Ericka.

Gave 90_percent_sure a ride to her work on Tuesday morning, as her car had died during the week. Then it was off to bed for me and back in to work tonight.

My goal for this week is to get the new light installed on the front of the house as I did for the back last week. These are motion-detector lights and I'm pretty pleased that the rear one appears to be working quite well. The front one will add a nice bit of light to our corner of the block, making us good neighborhood watch-y neighbors.

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