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Two feet make all the difference

Did more Project work today, the upshot of which was a half a garbage cart of junk and two extra feet of width in the garage. Ericka has a goal of coming up with a reasonable range for the number of mason jars she would like to keep on hand (in each of quart, pint and half-pint sizes) and once she has that, I'll be able to get rid of the dozens that have been stored in cabinet unit that was taken off the wall when we had the ramp installed. (Ericka uses a wheelchair and the nice people at the Ramp Project put in a ramp in one stall of our two-car garage several years ago.)

90_percent_sure turned me on to the Freecycle group for the Twin Cities so that's another fine resource for passing on usable things that we no longer want.

After clearing out a bit of junk, I moved the shelving unit about two feet closer to the ramp, which freed up an amazing amount of space. My large step ladder (big enough to get onto my roof and too tall to stand up in my garage) now lies on the floor completely out of the way. (There are hooks waiting to be installed so that it can be stored on the wall off the ground, but that's further on down the Project.)

Tomorrow, I'm going to do a bit of looking around for a suit. I have a job interview on Wednesday but I don't know that I'll actually make a purchase by then. I hope to get all my measurements taken (and recorded) and to have a look at some different styles.

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