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Better living through chemistry

Today, one of Ericka's Christmas presents arrived. Due to a special deal from, I picked up a starting set of Fiestaware. (In Plum, as Ericka's favorite color is purple.) Because it's fragile, I wanted to open it and make sure nothing was damaged in shipping and so she got an early present.

Then, miracle of miracles!, she suggested that we go through the cabinet and decide which of our old dishes were going to go away! In the past, the very idea of sending away perfectly good dishes would have sent her into panic and they would have ended up being shuffled into a basement cabinet somewhere.

She was a bit nervous about some of the special items (bowls that were gifts and some restaurant-sized pasta plates) but, overall, made the whole process easy. My reassurance that the people who gave us the gifts still loved us if we sent their gift on to new owners helped.

I'm so proud of her and excited for the next stages of the Project.

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