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Well, the tools didn't get sorted before I was sat upon by a cat and forced to sleep last night. So I'm a little behind on the project schedule. The good thing is that Ericka's helper, Kelly, has pointed out some things that it had already been decided were to give away. So that will save a bit of time on the rest of the garage.

So far today, I've picked up daedala and ran her by her soon-to-be-old work to give them notice in preparation for soon beginning her far more fabulous job. She's been hanging out here for the afternoon. She and Ericka are currently going through books and deciding which are going to used book stores and which are going to specific people for gifts.

I've finished sorting through the toolboxes. It turns out there were two in a closet that I wasn't aware of. So now I've taken four toolboxes worth of tools and stuff, picked them over and collected the useful parts (including socket wrench sockets that run from 1/4 inch up to 5/8 inch in 1/32 inch increments). So now I have two tool boxes that have tools, fasteners and various repair miscellany (like soldering flux and solder, for example) and plenty of room and two empty tool boxes. The many extra tools will get donated, which is sure to be appreciated by anyone that ends up with them.

Later, daedala and I are off to dinner with friends so I'm not sure I'll get any more sorting done today. It'll be a bit weird going back to work tomorrow, but I think I've accomplished a fair bit over the last couple of days.

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