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A day of it - Peter Hentges

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December 1st, 2003

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06:25 pm - A day of it
Finished the first chunk of de-junking. Have filled the two garbage carts and hauled a stack of junk down to sit next to them besides. There's still plenty to go through but even with just this little bit the garage is looking and feeling better. It should be easier for Ericka to get in and out of!

Things still needing to be done: Go through the three storm windows and figure out which one fits best the one window for which I need a storm. (I replaced all the other windows in the house last year.) Do the same for the screens that remain. Move out and/or demolish the shelving units that no longer serve their purpose. Go through the Storage Unit in the Corner. Sort through the tools.

I'll do that last in little bits this evening. I have two toolboxes packed with various tools. My goal is to have one tool box that has the good tools and some extra room when I'm done.

The rest of those bits I'll try to do tomorrow. Also need to start organizing the donation sides of this project. There's a bunch of good but not useful-to-us stuff that will make other people happy among the things I'm getting rid of. It may just take loading up the van and heading over to the Goodwill one day. I'm hoping to find some more targeted outlets for some of the stuff, but we'll see how it goes.
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Date:December 1st, 2003 07:50 pm (UTC)
Excellent progress!!!

I'm impressed that you can do this without the impetus of moving (or just having moved) house. That is about the only event that triggers this kind of behaviour in me. Once I get started, stuff gets shed big-time, but it takes major events to trigger it off.

Oh, and I wish I lived closer so I could pick your trash and discard pile!

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