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Project Stage 2

The dentist was a non-event; turns out the bits of filling that fell out were just excess that had hidden away in my cheek during the procedure. The filling is in place and all is well.

I've about filled up my two garbage carts worth of stuff. I have a big pile of "someone could use these so I'll see about donating them" and a smaller pile of "check these over to see if I want them. Discovered that one of the metal shelving units in the garage will have to go. It's had stuff too heavy for it placed on it for too long so that the only thing that was keeping it upright was the other junk around it. Junk removed, shelf go boom.

I'm going to take a bit of a break to let the Tylenol I just took for the ache where the dental work was done to take effect and then go back at it.

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