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The Project Begins

I've started cleaning out the garage today in my first foray into de-junking my house. After a relaxing day yesterday I started today by getting a filling in a back molar. Came home and slept off the numbness. Got up with the intention of having a bite to eat and getting started on the Project. Part of my filling fell out. That's no good, I thought, and called the dentist's office. That's no good, they said, and scheduled me to come back at 2:40 this afternoon.

So I ate a sandwich, chewing on the other side, and got started on things. Drug my two trash containers up from the alley to the garage and started in sorting though the stuff. I have, so far, gone down the left wall of the garage (as one enters) and tossed about a half a container's worth of stuff. Other things are set aside to donate. Another chunk are "survived the first pass" objects that I'm not sure will stay.

The amazing discovery so far: I have five, count them, five snow shovels. I have no idea how I acquired all of these as I don't recall buying a one of them.

Having a small beverage and ear-warming break now and then it's back out to tackle some of the shelving units.

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