Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

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It is done

23" of my braid is now off to make some little bald kid happy (or two or three). My beard is gone (though they didn't shave it at the salon; I guess they don't get much call for that sort of thing) and I'm quite tired now. daedala needed a ride to the library and a job interview as I was finishing up so she got to see me in my changed state first; she says I look a bit like Sting. The stylist said my hair was now Johnny Depp-ish. My face looks rounder to me now. I find myself doing all sorts of little mannerisms where I would be stroking my beard. I also feel weird getting into the car without doing the little head-flip that gets my braid into the right position.

Pictures to come.

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