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More on the plan

I broke the plan to Ericka today. She took the news pretty well, with a minimum of panic. She suggested that since she's seeing one of her doctors in early December that she might re-up the prescription for the anti-anxiety medication she took after her accident in the van left her panicky about riding in it for a while. Sounded like a good idea to me.

I've updated my slogan for the project to "Use it, Love it, or Lose it!" to accommodate those things that aren't strictly useful but that we're going to keep anyway.

My initial thought of giving Ericka a year to go through her fabric before it gets tossed turns out to not be so practical. It seems that new fabric coming into the house is getting filed into boxes so that they stay organized. This, however, makes it difficult to determine what's been used and what hasn't. And, as Ericka pointed out, she's done a lot of sewing projects lately and had given away a lot of fabric. There are still boxes and bolts in the basement, but it's being used much better. We'll see how I feel about it when we get to that point.

One thing that will help, I think, is that my sister is getting a sewing machine for Christmas this year. She'll get a chunk of patterns and some fabric to go with it. So that'll be one of Ericka's machines off to a good home along with other things she's not using.

I'm kind of examining my stuff in my head. I have manuscripts I've edited on disc that I probably don't need because I have the books they became. When I was answering questions about the products, it was handy to have the electronic files but I don't really have a use for them now. I have original software on diskettes that I don't think I can even access any more, much less install on any current system I'm using. I have some bottles sitting around waiting for that day when I'll make my own beer. (It's been over 10 years and I haven't brewed a drop.) There are definitely games that can go. The huge monstrosity of a box that is "Maul of America" has outlasted its humor value, for example. All those photocopies of Star Fleet Battles SSDs (that could be easily reproduced from the originals), as well.

I need to be clear in my head so that I can be clear with Ericka that this is about the clutter, not about "her stuff." That's part of why I want a fairly objective measure for deciding if something goes or not. Ericka will be panicked during the process but will feel so much better afterward. I remember cleaning out our front closet a couple of years ago; not fun, but wow was our closet easy to use after that. It's gotten cluttered up again in the meantime and I hate that every time I go to get my coat.

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