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Checking up

My bills are current. I have, in my checking account and in checks to be deposited, enough to cover next month's mortgage. I get paid on the 28th (or thereabouts, depending on how work is handling the Thanksgiving holiday), which should be enough to cover this month's bills. I have current savings of about 1/7th of my monthly mortgage payment.

I owe a big chunk of money to the State of Minnesota for taxes. I need to renew my car's tabs. Those are about the only must-do extra expenses. I'm not sure how I'll fit them into the budget, but they seem as if they'll work from here.

I have some car repairs (e.g., muffler) that could be done but are not critical. I'd like to replace/upgrade my stove and refrigerator. I lust after computer equipment.

Overall, I think I'm doing O.K. and keeping up with my financial plan. It'll probably be another lean holiday season but I keep telling myself it'll be better to be on good footing going into the new year. Current plan is to keep up with bills and try to get ahead on savings over the next year and a half or so. Then I refinance my mortgage again and see about getting my interest rate and payments dropped to allow for further savings and even a little spending.

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