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Morons should not be allowed to do proof one

After my lovely meal (see the previous posting), I made it home in ample time to do the evening preparations and get to work.

Initially, it appeared that there would be little to do this evening. This morning was the filing deadline for 10-Qs so I was expecting, if anything, that work would be slower than it had been all week.

Well, that thought came to a screeching halt with the appearance of a job that was due at 5:00 a.m. Only 117 pages. In our house style, except for the covers. It is "cycle 2" which means that some work was done, a proof was delivered to the client and this represents additions or edits to that previous work. A bit unreasonable, but doable.

Then I sat down to get it prepared.

On proof one, whomever worked it did not bother to make up a "specs" file. This is where we note anything odd that we might want people working the job after it has come back from the client for edits or additions to know about the job. So this is a bad start.

Then I noticed that the files they created for the cycle one were in files named "DI" through "DU." Without getting into too much detail, let me just say that we have file naming conventions so that if you want to find, say, the table of contents of a job, you know to look in the BG file. Well, these letters are reserved for the main body of the document but were being used for the financial reporting section. They belonged in the "F" files (which makes some sense, when you think of it).

So I had to go through and rename these files before I could get started on what I had to do. Annoying.

So I start breaking the rest of the data into appropriately-named files. When I got to the new DU file, I discover that the last chunk of pages of the job are intended to replace the existing financial information. This is something that's usually noted on the job instructions. I didn't have to rename those files I spent a chunk of time renaming; I merely had to "bury" them (basically save a copy and delete). Wasting my time on a tight deadline job. Fume.

On top of this is the graphics wanted for the job. Nothing big, a company logo and an organizational chart. The operations center that sent in the job, however, neglected to tell anyone that they'd want these graphics. More delays. More hassle.

Well, the last few files are being proofread now because I have amazing co-workers who can crank through pages like nobody's business. I'll probably have the whole thing ready for Quality Check by 4:00 or 4:15, and it will probably make that 5:00 due time or only be delayed a short time.

Not that they deserve it.


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