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Dogs, Dead TiVo, Suicide Kings, Slow Work

It was dog day again, as it is every Wednesday. Darwin and Lucy come over to hang out with Brandy, much to the annoyance of Vegas, the only cat in the house. My heavy sleep schedule seems to have put me out of touch with my animals of late; they frequently hang out around me when I'm in one place for any length of time. On the floor in the living room when I'm watching TV or on and around the bed when I'm sleeping during the day. Brandy has been acting up a bit lately too, barking to get attention. She is, thankfully, quickly satisfied with a few tosses of the squeaky toy and then flumphs down contentedly on the dog bed or in one of her other favorite spots.

I got in touch with the fine TiVo folks this evening. The resolution was that I send them my dead box and they send me a new one. They'll be advance-shipping me the new one so that I should have it by the beginning of next week. The replacement will cost me a net of $99 dollars as I've had my box for longer than 90 days but less than a year. I pout.

Watched my DVD of Suicide Kings, starring Christopher Walken and Denis Leary in roles they can sink their teeth into. I like the film because it does a good job of keeping you guessing what's going on as the film speeds to its climax. Revelations roll up on each other in a satisfying way. The film's ending is unsurprising, but is surprising for that; it is a film about gangsters that does not have a happy ending and too many films about gangsters leave someone a way out, cheapening the effect of the rest of the story.

Which brings us to work tonight. Not much of it to be had, though it looked promising for the first few hours. The board was full when I came in, but it was swiftly demolished. Additional work would pop up only to be set upon by the typesetting locusts and dispatched quickly. One co-worker zipped so expeditiously through a mid-size job that she ended up doing the initial coding all on her own. I accused her of not playing well with others. She allowed me to do the first edits that returned from proofreading and then pointed out that the legal firm noted on the cover page of this document was the highly entertaining-sounding "Fried, Bird & Crumbpacker."

I got another little chunk of NaNoWriMo done today. Go me! I've now introduced the main characters, had two of them meet and sent a third off to discover something important. I think I'm not to 10,000 words yet, but expect that things will go quicker once I get some of these preliminaries out of the way. It also doesn't help that work, while slow, isn't really giving me good writing time.

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