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Lazy weekend and TiVo woes

Ericka was without her regular helpers over the weekend. This means that I fill in these little tasks and, as a result, often get very little sleep. Saturday was one of those days and so Sunday was spent catching up on sleep.

I did get some writing done on Sunday night and also read some of Brenda Ueland's If You Want To Write. Ms. Ueland's enthusiasm is infectious and makes me want to spend not only the rest of November with a scheduled time to sit down and write, but the rest of my life with such a time. She presents a very well-reasoned argument that doing so is good for one, even if one is never published or lauded. The benefits are for one's own soul and, if the writing doesn't provide that, one is likely not being true to one's self in the writing.

I had all this time for reading and writing partially because my TiVo is on the fritz. Starting a couple of weeks ago it started having hiccups where it would show me compression artifacts as the screen froze for a couple of seconds and then the playback continued. This got progressively worse until, finally, we became unable to watch any recorded program because it froze so often and would sometimes start a program over after having advanced to a certain point.

So I came to the conclusion that, having restarted the machine several times and seen no improvement, that clearing and deleting everything and starting over would be the next step. A drastic step, to be sure, for it meant losing all the previously recorded programs as well as all of the current season passes and such.

So I reluctantly chose that option and watched my TiVo restart and get to a screen saying "Clearing and deleting everything. This will take an hour." So I watched some of the bonus material from the Indiana Jones trilogy DVD set I'd recently taken delivery of. When I got back to the TiVo a couple of hours later, it was still on this screen. So I gave it a couple more hours. Still no luck. I restarted it and got to the same point. I gave it 12 hours. No luck.

I finally called TiVo support. They seemed to agree with my analysis and, on further investigation, told me that this "hour" could, in fact, be up to 24 hours. That was at 8:00 p.m. Sunday. I checked again at 6:00 p.m. Monday and saw no change. I'll be checking again when I get home and hope for the best.

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