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A good sign

So I've been too busy at work to do any NaNoWriMo the last couple of days. What I take as a good sign, however, is that Fred, the part of my brain responsible for coming up with story ideas and ways of tying things together, has kicked out some cool dreams that seem very "literary," in a way. That is, they are a bit more than a jumble of random associations.

Last night, for example, Fred took some a job that I was working on involving a merger of a couple of companies and another job about a large financial institution and glommed these together with with some other bits to come up with a new company being formed out of the merger of two financial giants, their headquarters building being a 4,000 story structure built next to Coffman Union on the U of MN campus. I was walking by the place with my dad or a friend (I don't recall clearly and they may have switched part-way through) as they were dedicating the place.

The dream took a turn to the cinematic as it very nearly followed the dictum of Raymond Chandler, as told to me by jtidball, "When in doubt, have two guys with guns burst through the door." Well, there weren't two guys with guns, but it did morph into a chase scene. Fun stuff.

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