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The same old, same old

The one job I've worked on tonight is in proofreading now. Nothing left to do now. Seeing as I've missed the last two days, I'll stick it out as long as I can. Milk the clock.

I'm getting all set for NaNoWriMo. Be able to get in some time when I get off work tomorrow. I'll have to set a schedule so I can get my two hours in each day.

Maybe I should stake out a coffee shop and do my two hours right away in the morning. The toughest thing will be keeping the time to myself if I do it at home. Ericka sometimes needs things urgently and sometimes asks for things without thinking that I might not want to be interrupted. The "interrupt only for smoke or blood" sign might be in order.

Simpler, really to take the iBook with me and write away from home to avoid interruption. And early in the morning would be ideal. Ericka tends to either sleep late or, on days she has clinic appointments, to have a helper arriving early. So she either will have someone there to get her meds or won't mind getting them a little late.

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