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Thoughts on the Democratic debate

First off, what the hell is Fox News doing interrupting a Presidential candidate debate to report on an explosion in Baghdad? I might excuse the first interruption with a little grumbling but to interrupt a second time to give us an hour of footage of people milling around Baghdad? That's just unconscionable. Fox News? More like Faux News. So much for informed political discourse. Time for an angry email.

Things I took away from the parts of the debate that Fox News decided we should see:

John Edwards: (At least in part) author of the Patriot Act? That cuts out my potential support right there. Anyone who would write such a piece of legislation without foreseeing the potential for abuse has no position in government.

Dennis Kucinich: Wants to create a cabinet-level department on par with the Department of Defense: the Department of Peace. Cool idea.

Al Sharpton: Sound-bite-a-palooza, "We gonna have the battle between the Christian Right and the right Christians."

Joe Lieberman: (Following the above and the extended applause it generated from the audience) "Every time I come after Rev. Sharpton I want to say, 'Amen, brother.'"

For my money, Al Sharpton is the guy I want out and talking about issues. He's a dynamic personality with a flair for delivery. President? Probably not. Likewise, I want Dennis Kucinich in the race because he brings up kooky ideas that just might have some merit. President? Again, probably not.

I liked that Howard Dean invoked Paul Wellstone as a person who stood up and said what he thought was right even if 70% of the people disagree with it; that's the kind of leadership I want from a President.

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