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Sleeping away the weekend

I did not get to any of the social events I planned over the weekend. Instead, I slept on and off for pretty much all of the days and nights. I'm finding that as NaNoWriMo nears, that my dreams are becoming cooler all the time. Way to go, Fred! (No, not you, fredcritter, my other Fred.)

I have sketches of a structure for my NaNovel in my head. And even have some of them committed to an electronic file. Need to add more. Have broadened my urban fantasy a bit to include the bits and pieces of an urban fantasy novel that I started work on last year. Didn't get anywhere past rough descriptions of a few of the characters so it seemed fair game. Toss in my schizophrenic troubadour as a Mentor/Trickster and stir well; the result is looking to come along nicely. I've got a good character arc for the hero in mind and the overall plot is coming into focus as well. I need to work on the villian a bit but he's looking pretty solid.

The only social thing I've done since last we met, gentle reader, is haul daedala over to my place to have her show off her latest quilty creation and share dinner with us. The shopping trip through Byerly's wasn't all that inspiring but I think the combination of broccoli and forest mushrooms with penne pasta in a cream sauce worked pretty well. The addition of the apples held promise but the mushrooms overwhelmed them, I think. Perhaps with tarter apples, they'd be able to hold their own. Still, good, hearty food for an Autumn evening.

Work was way too busy tonight, in stark contrast to last week. Was hoping to get some NaNo work done, but that didn't pan out. Had to resort to my reserve snacks to keep myself awake after the very filling dinner, but once over the 4:00 a.m. hump, it's been going pretty well.

On the schedule today: Sleep, and plenty of it. We'll see if the critters cooperate.

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