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The sleepy day blues

Was very tired when I got home yesterday. Got Ericka set up in her daily routine and prepared for bed. I was looking forward to a full, uninterrupted eight hours of sleep. Ericka had two helpers coming in the morning to take her to clinic, later in the afternoon Kelly, the most competent of Ericka's helpers, would be arriving to take care of whatever else was needed.

So I got to sleep by 7:30 or so. Set up with headphones and an eight-hour mix of relaxing environmental sounds.

And was awoken at a little after 9:00. It seems that Lena, the helper of Ericka's who is very enthusiastic and generally helpful, but Chinese and speaking little English, could not get the van started to take Ericka to the clinic. So I wander out in my jammies and have a look. A quick hop into the seat, turn the key. Van starts right up. Seems Lena was not used to having to turn a key with as much force as is needed to start the van. After letter her practice for a couple of times, they set off.

I, unfortunately, did not get back to sleep. So I stayed up and watched a couple of episodes of The West Wing from Bravo's marathon. After Ericka returned from clinic, I tried getting to sleep again, hoping to still get in my eight hours.

I did finally get some sleep in, in spite of a weird muscle pull or bruise in my right hip. Don't know what I did to deserve that. Woke up about a quarter to ten. Got my hair combed, Ericka set up for the night and into work in the nick of time.

Missed out on dinner, but we are having a going-away pot-luck for a woman that's taking another position within the company this evening. So I'll even get to have some food (if a bit heavy on the dessert) this evening.

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